From a pod hanging by a mountain in Peru to a silo in New Zealand – Here are the 10 quirkiest hotels in the world according to Tripadvisor

If the standard collection of five-star hotels does not entice you, here’s a fascinating assortment of unusual hotels that may catch your attention. Compiled by TripAdvisor, this list is based on reviews of traveller ratings from 2017. Thankfully, these hotels have gone a step and beyond to provide an extraordinary experience to experimental globetrotters.

“Booking a stay at one of these outlandish hotels is sure to give friends and family a serious case of FOMO. From a giant beagle-shaped inn to a spherical tree house, these unique hotels are for travellers that want an experience that’s truly out of the ordinary,” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

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Here’s a quick glimpse of the 10 hotels that made it to the list:

10) La Balade des Gnomes
Where: Durbuy, Belgium
Price: From $144 per night

9) Treehouse Lodge
Where: Paraiso, Peru
Price: From $614 per night

8) Kumbuk River Eco-Extraordinaire
Where: Buttala, Sri Lanka
Price: From $186 per night

7) SiloStay
Where: Little River, New Zealand
Price: From $159 per night

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6) The Aurora Express
Where: Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.
Price: From $176 per night

5) La Villa Cheminee de Tatzu Nishi
Where: Nantes, France
Price: From $114 per night

4) Skylodge Adventure Suites
Where: Urubamba, Peru
Price: From $405 per night

3) Free Spirit Spheres
Where: Vancouver Island, Canada
Price: From $176 per night

2) Dog Bark Park Inn
Where: Cottonwood, Idaho, U.S.
Price: From $132 per night

1) Spitbank Fort
Where: Portsmouth, U.K.
Price: From $642 per night

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