The Chedi Trojena, an ultra luxury snow retreat will welcome guests in 2026 at Saudi Arabia’s Neom city

HRH Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s $1 trillion gigaproject Neom City inches toward reality every day. In the latest development, Saudi Arabia’s Neom Hotel Development has selected General Hotel Management Ltd. (GHM) as the second hotel partner for Trojena. The Chedi Trojena is set to open at the creative all-year-round ski village perched at the center of NEOM, in a mountainous region flanked by Saudi Arabia’s highest peaks, 8,530 feet above sea level. Trojena comprises six distinctive development districts –
Explore, Discover, Gateway, Valley, Relax, and Fun.

The Chedi Trojena will be part of the Relax Cluster, a community billed as a dwelling for reflection, recreation, and rejuvenation. “Trojena redefines the understanding of ultra-luxury hospitality and mountain tourism. With GHM’s international acclaim in operating iconic resorts globally, we share the same resolve to elevate the travel experience for discerning guests. The Chedi Trojena will serve as a luxurious sanctuary in the [region’s] first outdoor ski resort, where world-class sporting events, art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural festivals will be staged,” said Philip Gullett, executive director and region head at Trojena.

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Trojena will have a massive man made lake.

Chris Newman, executive director of Hotel Development at Neom, added: “The Chedi brand has a proven track record of creating inimitable and authentic hospitality concepts. By capturing this spirit of luxury escapism, we can deliver on our promise of giving visitors something they have never seen before.”

Trojena will redefine mountain tourism, create more than 10,000 jobs, and is slated to welcome its first guests in 2026. Trojena will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

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