Clinique La Prairie, one of Switzerland’s most exclusive wellness resorts, is opening a 36,115 sqm health resort in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea

Source - Red Sea Global

Amaala, the ultra-luxury tourism destination being developed along the Red Sea coast in northwestern Saudi Arabia, now boasts a new gem in its crown: Clinique La Prairie Resort. Architect John Heah led the serene yet impactful design for the spa clinic brand Clinique La Prairie. An indispensable part of the Amaala wellness destination, the 36,115-square-meter resort will offer a haven of peace with 13 villas and 52 luxurious rooms and suites. Renderings reveal a picturesque cluster of white buildings with distinctive trapezoidal roofs, as reported by Dezeen.

Source – Red Sea Global

The Clinique La Prairie resort is more than just a rejuvenating spa; it takes holistic well-being into account. Guests can revitalize in the wellness centers, access a diagnostics lab, visit a museum, relax at a beach club, participate in workshops, and attend training sessions at the resort. To enhance the overall experience, the resort includes a private dining space and a cooking school, as wellness is indeed internal. Interestingly, all these facilities are housed in buildings surrounding the central Longevity Plaza. The four categories of care offered are medical care, nutrition, movement, and well-being.

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Source – Red Sea Global

“Clinique La Prairie’s world-renowned facilities and health and wellness experiences, set against Saudi Arabia’s extraordinary natural landscapes, will take our visitors on transformative personal journeys inspired by arts, wellness, and the purity of the Red Sea,” said Red Sea Global Group CEO John Pagano. “The resort’s subtle beauty, a blend of Islamic architecture and modern craftsmanship, will provide a serene place in which to unwind, meditate, and rejuvenate,” Pagano added.

Source – Red Sea Global

The resort’s exteriors reflect the calm ambiance found indoors, with idyllic gardens and tranquil spaces ensuring that visitors experience tranquility throughout their stay. Services such as radiology, physiotherapy, neuroscience, and dentistry, as well as a cryo-chamber, hyperbaric suites, and IV infusions, will be offered at the Clinique La Prairie resort to justify its title as the first integrated family wellness destination in Amaala. Red Sea Global’s ambitious project will comprise eight different resorts and more than 3,000 hotel rooms.

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Source – Red Sea Global

The Clinique La Prairie resort will be constructed in Triple Bay as part of its first phase. In alignment with the ethos of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this wellness haven by Red Sea Global will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The resort buildings are situated 100 meters back from the coastline to avoid harming endangered turtle populations. This commitment extends to the installation of subtle lighting to minimize the impact of light pollution on wildlife and the night sky.”

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