French luxury fashion house Dior’s floating wellness yacht will sail along Paris’ Seine river and offer guests lavish wellness treatments while viewing the scenic sites of the city of lights.

The Dior Spa Cruise will set sail again this summer. Photo: @george.ledes/Instagram

French luxury house Dior is bringing back its exclusive floating spa concept for a second year! The Dior Spa Cruise, which runs in tandem with the start of haute couture week in Paris, takes guests on a two-hour voyage along the French capital’s Seine river while indulging in various wellness activities.

The Dior Spa Cruise is the epitome of luxury experiences. Photo: @volume_magazine/Instagram

The opulent yacht has treatment rooms for guests who are provided with specialised wellness options during their trip. The lavish experience is topped by being able to enjoy the sites along the Seine while embracing total relaxation.

Here’s what you need to know about the cruise options.

Guests can enjoy a luxury spa experience while soaking in views of the Seine river. Photo: @vivencialondon/Instagram

The Dior Spa Cruise’s luxury packages
Two types of luxury experiences are being offered as part of the Dior Spa Cruise: the treatment cruise and the wellness cruise. According to Travel and Leisure Asia, both cruises are two hours long, with an hour focused on the specific wellness treatment elements and the other hour allowing for rest and leisure activities.

Guests can enjoy treatments targeted at anti-ageing and detoxing. Photo: @volume_magazine/Instagram

Per WWD, the treatment cruise includes an hour-long face or body treatment with goals like detoxing, reverse-ageing, power or relaxation. The treatment is followed by a one-hour rest on the deck. Here, guests can access the pool and lounges while taking in the sites of Paris.

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The Dior Spa Cruise features plenty of lavish furnishings. Photo: @vivencialondon/Instagram

The wellness cruise, meanwhile, has a customised daily schedule. WWD reports that after one hour of R&R on deck, guests can spend the second hour enjoying activities including Pilates flow, respirology, postural stretching, mobility or detox flow.

There are four body massages and three facial treatments available to guests, too.

On board the Dior Spa Cruise. Photo: @parisestunefashionfete/Instagram

Understanding the costs
The treatment cruise will cost around US$740, while the wellness cruise will set guests back at around US$310. Guests also have the option to combine packages for a four-hour experience.

Experience the best of pampering with the Dior Spa Cruise. Photo: @george.ledes/Instagram

Travelling in luxury
The Dior-branded yacht is called the Stunning Excellence. WWD reports the remodelled decor features the luxury brand’s signature toile de jouy pattern in blue and beige tones. There was also canework that was added to the yacht.

The upper deck is 1,290 sq ft and is made from teak wood. There is an open-air sports deck, juice bar and pool. There are lounge chairs on the deck, which allow for full view of the Notre-Dame cathedral, Grand Palais and Musée d’Orsay.

The deck on Dior Spa Cruise is made of teak. Photo: @george.ledes/Instagram

Below deck, there is a reception room with Dior skin care products and fragrances. There are four single cabins and a double cabin with a lounge.

Designer cruises are becoming the next big thing in luxury travel. Photo: @volume_magazine/Instagram

The business of designer cruises
The Dior yacht will be moored at Port Henri IV near Île Saint-Louis from July 3 to 14. The starting date coincides with the start of haute couture fashion week in Paris.

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Last year, Dior launched its first-ever spa cruise on the Seine in Paris. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the idea of a floating spa was inspired by the historic bains de la samaritaine, floating baths from the 19th century. These were situated alongside the Pont-Neuf on the banks of the Seine and are believed to be the early originators of the spa experience.

Dior currently has two spas in Paris. Photo: @george.ledes/Instagram

Dior has two spas in the French capital: one at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée and another at the Cheval Blanc. Cheval Blanc is behind Dior’s floating spas and, on its website, the spa states that it offers customers “holistic retreats for absolute mental, physical and emotional well-being”.

The massages and facial treatments are selected based on the theme of the day. The dates are below:
Relaxation: July 7 and 10

Detox: July 3-6 and 13

Reverse ageing: July 12 and 14

Balance: July 9 and 11

Power: July 8

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