Dubai to welcome a new tower that will have an astounding 254 floating swimming pools

A new hotel concept is coming to Dubai this year. In the heart of one of the relatively new neighbourhoods in the emirate, Jumeirah Village Circle, a rotunda 61 storey tower has come up that is going to bring a new dimension in the city’s hospitality sector. FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai by FIVE Holdings has announced the five-star property that will feature hotel room and suites as well as residential apartments. The unique thing of this property is that each of the 221 one and two-bedroom apartments and the 33 four-bedroom apartments will come with their own private pools. In total, the tower will have 271 swimming pools.

Yes, that’s right. Two hundred and seventy-one swimming pools. By the looks of it, from the pictures, this means that you will not only get a 200-degree view of Dubai’s skyline but also a generous view of the poolside from your neighbours downstairs. Which also means that your upstairs neighbours get to have the benefit of enjoying YOUR poolside views.

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But if you are one to shrug off privacy and rather soak up all the grand views the apartment provides, then plunge in. The property has apartments for sale as well. Another feature that Dubai residents might find attractive, is the rich sky gardens. The building has a “vertical micro-climate with over a half a million sq ft of fauna”, which is a welcome change in the green-deprived landscapes of the gulf.

The design “master-mind” is the CEO of Real Estate Development, Nabil Akiki. This design has been patented and trademarked by FIVE in 168 countries.

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While there aspects of the property that are quite impressive, the eyebrows fly upon the amount of space wasted (there is too much white space here for a place like Dubai where four months of the year is unbearable to step out). That and the lack of privacy raises some serious questions on investors, or even residents, eyeing the tower. As does PETA raise their weapons every time a poor animal gets ill-treated, wonder where the earth watchers are hiding when news like these come out?


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