Empty pools and deserted restaurants – Check out the eerie pictures of guests enjoying the empty facilities at a luxury Bali resort

With Covid-19 inoculation on in full swing, one would expect the world to bounce back sooner than later, but that’s hardly the case if the pictures of Bali’s renowned once-bustling five-star resort Padma Resort in Legian are anything to go by. The Padma Resort, located on the island’s west coast, stretches more than 6 hectares and boasts 375 rooms, five swimming pools, restaurants, and boutique shops, all of which are eerily vacant. Barring a few lucky tourists, this massive property stands practically empty, and the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc across Indonesia. Ross Taylor, the president of Western Australia, based Indonesia Institute, said he has been in talks with the owner of the Padma Resort and had nothing positive to report,” I was talking to the owner yesterday, and he was saying it’s really eerie because the five swimming pools are just lying idle. There’s not one room taken, it’s just deadly quiet, and he said at this time of year, normally, they’d be running at 98 percent capacity.” as much as he would love for Bali to bounce back with boosted tourism, he also adds that lounging around at Bali resorts won’t be a reality for Australians until at least next year.

Images shared on Instagram show just how bad the effect of the pandemic is on this now deserted hotel as the guests lucky enough to travel there post incredible pictures as they enjoy the empty facilities. While Bali received a batch of more than 130,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac, it has had 32,789 confirmed Covid cases, with 29,521 recoveries and 881 deaths.

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[Via: Perthnow]

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