The ultra rich are lining up to pay $55,000 to fly in a private jet to the UAE or India and get the Covid vaccine way before all of us

If 2020 was the year of the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 is the year of the coronavirus vaccine. The super-rich have already started using the idea of getting vaccinated into a holiday-of-sorts; their life, after all, is a party, right? Not interested in waiting in line the rich are resorting to measures only the rich can afford like opting for an elite members-only travel concierge service to fly them out to Dubai and India for a Covid vaccine. They are being considerate enough (for now) and only been flying over-65s to Dubai for jabs for the past two weeks, said Knightsbridge Circle. Knightsbridge Circle charges its members an annual fee of $34,000 to be looked after by personal managers (each manager has five clients) who take care of their every need, including Pfizer and the Sinopharm jabs. For $55,000 members can turn the life-saving vaccination process into a part of a lifetime by enjoying first-class flights on Emirates and accommodation in a villa with a pool, a personal chef, and household staff as well as the vaccine. Member going to India for their vaccines spend time in Delhi before taking sightseeing trips to Agra and Udaipur and then hitting the beach in Goa or Kerala. While many choose to stay in the country they flew to for the 21-day wait between vaccinations, some can’t wait to make the most of this travel opportunity and fly somewhere else for a holiday.

Knightsbridge Circle was founded by Mr. McNeill in 2012. As per the website, the club offers ‘exceptional personal service at an unsurpassed level’ and gives members unparalleled access to the very best of everything that life has to offer. That includes jumping the queue while sipping cocktails while diligent health workers wait their turn. I don’t know if this says more about the clients of Knightsbridge Circle or the club itself!

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