Louis Vuitton continues to cash in on Coronavirus accessories with a $500 bandana and mask set

What Louis Vuitton thinks, Louis Vuitton does. The luxury brand couldn’t care less about what the world thinks of their products or whether it writes them off even before they hit the shelves. They did it first with Louis Vuitton face shields to ensure you stay safe and fashionable following which the $960 luxury face shields got mocked and shamed on social media. But this didn’t deter Louis Vuitton from launching a Monogram Tapestry Bandana and mask set. Louis Vuitton can probably borrow a tagline from me for all their coronavirus-related accessories- cashing in on the coronavirus! If that didn’t make a mark then perhaps the new Monogram Tapestry Bandana and mask set might be of interest. The set comes packaged in a blue drawstring pouch featuring LV’s Monogram Tapestry print across a pure cotton bandana and ear-loop face mask. Don’t worry about sizing and fit as the set comes with extra-long straps, adjusters, and engraved LV initials. This mask is also machine-washable up to 104° F and is sized at 32 x 15 cm with the bandana coming in at 55 x 55 cm.

If you thought the face shield was too pricey for $960, then maybe you won’t mind indulging yourself in a set that is priced at $480, and you can pick one up from the LV online store. I’m guessing all the ridicule received online after the release of the face shield led to this development.

[Available at: Louis Vuitton]

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