5 “Outdoor Hotel Rooms” that will make you want to go on a vacation right now

When you’re out on vacation, you want an exotic experience that you couldn’t possibly get at home. Some hotels this by giving you access to spas, pools and other amenities, but the hotels on our list have gone above and beyond. These places have tried to bring the great outdoors inside through epic outdoors rooms that will transform your vacation. Check out our favorites.

Ladera, St Lucia
Your Caribbean getaway gets a boost thanks to Ladera’s three-walled ecolodges (which are basically just grown up treehouses) which offer views of the Pitons, the Soufriere Valley and the Caribbean Sea. The absence of the fourth wall means that there is always a fresh breeze to be enjoyed and a view to be taken in. The 32 suites also come with their own plunge pools.
[ Ladera ]

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Bangkok Tree House, Thailand
Sleep under the stars and shower by moonlight in these bamboo in these bamboo constructions that keep you close to nature. Here, your swimming pool is a natural pond and your neighbors are white cranes and kingfishers.
The eco-friendly hotel also has a cool policy which makes your stay guilt free. For every booking, they help remove 1kg of rubbish from the nearby Chao Phraya River.
[ Bangkoktreehouse ]

Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
Who needs a safari when you can view lions and elephants from your own luxury treehouse? This stunning outdoor room is located on a kind of deck and is complete with a four poster bed and sofa. Guess are treated to views of a private reserve near the Kruger National Park.
[ Lionsands ]

DumaTau Camp, Botswana
This hotel gives a whole new meaning to the term glamping. Guests stay in luxury twin or family tents in a camp raised off the ground to provide views of a nearby river and the regions spectacular wildlife. Guests can also enjoy the open air dining and lounge area as well as a pool overlooking a lagoon.
[ Wilderness-Safaris ]

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L’Albereta, Italy
If the great outdoors isn’t your thing, the L’Albereta’s Cabriolet room allows guests to enjoy a temporary open air experience whenever they like. The press of a button causes the roof slides away leaving you with a clear view of the sky. If you love the idea of sleeping under the stars but can’t stand the insects that inevitably accompany camping then a stay in this room needs to be on your bucket list!
[ Albereta ]

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