Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire has unveiled the $300,000 ‘Pretty Woman’ package

The love story that stayed in the hearts of everyone who watched it- Pretty Woman! Whether its the title song, the storyline or just the most sizzling chemistry ever between Edward Lewis the charming businessman and Vivienne the adorable prostitute the movie enthralled all. How would you feel if I said you could live the fantasy at the very same place where it all began, the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Love them for doing this as a weekend package will allow guests to recreate key moments from the movie. You can now be the star of your love story and you have the freedom to design your romantic getaway. The weekend package for two includes a stay at the Pretty Woman Suite aka the Presidential Suite, where guests can don their headphones, draw a bubble bath and sing the Prince song “Kiss” at the top of their lungs. Of course, the shopping experience will be a part of this package.As this place is only a couple of steps from the iconic Rodeo Drive, personal shopping consultation at luxury boutiques is on the plate with a trip to the shiny boutiques.The merriment goes on as guests are chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce to the gardens of the Greystone Mansion, a celebrated site and premier event destination in Beverly Hills, for an alfresco meal inspired by the picnic scene in the movie. They’ll also receive professional styling in their suite before being ferried to either the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts or the LA Opera.

Set to launch Jan 1, 2020, The Feeling Pretty package includes several experiences reminiscent of those in the film. One thing is clear in order to live life like Vivienne you will have to spend moolah like Edward Lewis. Do you have $300,000 to live a fantasy?

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