Hilton has opened the world’s first Warner bros-themed hotel in the UAE. Along with hundreds of memorabilia, guests will be treated to a dive in pool, room service by Bugs Bunny and more.

After making world-class movies and entertaining billions around the world, WB Abu Dhabi, the only hotel by Warner Bros, has opened its doors in the UAE. that dream of bugs bunny bringing you breakfast in bed isn’t far from reality anymore. WB Abu Dhabi Curio Collection by Hilton will be your new happy place with a plethora of memorabilia in every nook and corner. The unending display of nearly 400 images and film and TV props will take you down memory lane and make for one hell of a trip!

Before the smashing interiors delight you, a hard-to-miss Batmobile from the upcoming movie The Batman will greet guests at the entrance! No matter if you are not a Batman fan, the famous fountain from the opening credits of Friends is sure to catch your attention. The new WB Abu Dhabi will genuinely be a wonder for fans as massive digital screens towering as the building itself will perpetually play ‘original content created for the hotel.’

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You won’t get enough of this magical five-star hotel from Harry Potter, Westworld, Superman, The Wizard of Oz, Looney Tunes, and many others keeping you company. The six-storey hotel flaunts 257 bedrooms, based on three unique themes. The spacious rooms include a sofa area, Smeg fridge mini bar, a retro dial-up style telephone, and a Marshall radio. No doubt there is enough to bring out the child in you, and as far as children are concerned, they will never want to leave the property. A supervised club complete with a “dive-in movie theatre” with miniature sunbeds, parasols, etc., and an open-air cinema-style screen are all exciting elements of their day after all.

Kids can have a ball of a time calling their favorite Looney Tunes characters from their rooms and wait for Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck to deliver milk and cookies. Regarding food, Hilton’s WB Abu Dhabi Curio Collection holds five restaurants: the family-friendly restaurant Sidekicks, the stunning Matinee pool restaurant that’s impressive with a dive-in pool theatre and the Director’s Club for a more refined and refined, and formal dining experience.

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The Overlook lounge is a great spot to laze all day, with an infinity pool and 360-degree views of the picturesque city. Pamela Lifford, president of WarnerMedia global brands and experience, said, “From Batman to Bugs, from Casablanca to Caddyshack. To Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Chandler, how could you forget?

She continued, “Warner Bros continues to be known for its incredible storytelling and our characters inspire and make people laugh, we make people cry and tell beautiful stories, and, as Ted Lasso would say, we also make people believe.” The hotel is already welcoming guests with opening rates starting from Dh845 ($250).

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