Dubai is building the worlds first floating 5-star luxury resort which will have villas that can ‘sail’ elsewhere

Dubai is home to all things magnificent and larger-than-life. The city boasts the most exclusive beaches and luxury accommodations globally, and joining the bandwagon is Luxury hotelier Kempinski. Come 2023, Dubai will flaunt a Floating Palace surrounded by 12 other floating luxury villas, also a first for Dubai. We have seen South Korea’s plans to build the world’s first floating city; Saudi Arabia, too, is planning something similar with their ambitious eight-sided floating city. Qatar is planning a 152 room floating luxury resort that will spin to generate electricity. How could Dubai then not do something equally if not more exquisite? The Swiss-based luxury hotel management company will first create the main building of the floating palace in four parts.

The glass pyramid stands in the center featuring a five-star hotel, exclusive gourmet restaurants, bars, spa, pools to boutiques, banquet areas, and the possibility for even larger yachts to sail in and out at the center of the hotel. The Kempinski Floating Palace will be connected to the surrounding villas by pontoons, now comes the twist in the tale. These villas are like residential yachts in a way, as they don’t have to stay stationary at all times. If the owner wishes so, the villa can sail to another anchor at a maximum speed of six nautical miles.

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Considering that the property is floating on one of Dubai’s most pristine beaches, it is essential to take the villa for a spin on the picturesque locale. The solar panels fitted on the villas harness the energy required to sail them. Much like the five-star hotel in the main building, even the 12 villas will be epitomes of luxury, complete with full-service crew and staff rooms, so you’ll be waited on hand and foot 24/7. You can choose to buy or rent the villas that come with two, three, or four bedrooms, including indoor and outdoor living rooms.

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On the other hand, the Kempinski Floating Palace Hotel has 156 rooms, luxe suites, along with a deck that parks 16 yachts and a floating helipad for elite guests. However, it should be noted, guests are expected to arrive at the resort by their yacht, speed boats, and helicopters. The new Kempinski Floating Palace will be a gem in the ever-glistening tiara of Dubai tourism, keeping the city’s grandness and the elegant taste of their guests in mind. Interesting Engineering shared, “We are delighted to be able to offer our guests in Dubai such a first experience from 2023 onwards, combining the destination’s reputation as a high-tech city with the timeless European elegance of Kempinski Hotels”, says Bernold Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of Kempinski Group and Chairman of the Management Board of Kempinski AG. He added, “The highly innovative project by Seagate Shipyard convinces not only by its high-end technology but also through impeccable style and design.”

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