The 3 most expensive hotel beds in America

When you’re planning a relaxing vacation you spend hours deciding the destination, the accommodations, picking flights, and planning an endless list of things to do. But one of the most important parts of a getaway is restful sleep. The folks over at Town&Country clearly know this because they’ve compiled a list of hotels with the country’s most expensive and luxurious beds so you know where to go when all you need is a great power nap. In the world of beds, size is important! But it still isn’t everything, these beds packs comfort, style, and space into one enticing piece of furniture. Check out the top three below:

Hotel Saint Cecilia
It’s true what they say: everything really is bigger in Texas! Hotel Saint Cecilia may have just 14 rooms, but two of those rooms feature Hästens mattresses that made from more than the usual memory foam. Seven layers of horsehair have gone into the creation of these mattresses which cost something in the ballpark of $20,000 and are handmade. We hope you’re not allergic to horses!
The Penthouse Suite, Peninsula New York
The Peninsula is the only hotel in North America that’s been outfitted with Savoir beds. In case you didn’t already know, the Savoir people have made it their mission to create the plushest, expensive, and chic beds around. The hotel’s penthouse (which according to Town&Country has been known to fetch over $25,000 a night!) actually features two amazing Savoir beds. A $14,575 mattress offers a night full of sweet dreams to residents of the penthouse’s second guest-room while a custom-made, $80,750 Savoir mattress takes center stage in the master bedroom.
Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel New York
The bed in the Ty Warner penthouse is almost legendary in its dedication to luxury. The canopy bed supposedly took 300 hours to create and cost $140,000! The Hästens bed is totally unique thanks to hand-stamped Venetian velvet and Thai silk sheets and a mattress that’s woven with 22-carat golden threads.

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