MiNiBAR, Amsterdam: Indulgence like never before

Who doesn’t love to indulge in minibars? This amazing luxury is what makes your stay in a hotel memorable. There must be very few who can resist the temptation of this luxury. And banking on people’s hunger for this minibar concept, is the newly opened MiNiBAR in Amsterdam. Located in Prinsengracht, MiNiBAR is a new concept in nightlife that takes the hotel minibar concept to a new level. This amazing bar with its unique features is definitely a class apart. A concierge shows you to your table and presents you with a key with which you can gain access to your own private bar, stocked with beers, wines and quality liquors! A great way to have some fun and relive your vacation days, this concept is definitely awesome.

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With reasonable prices and snacks (including sushi) to bite on, a visit to the MiNiBAR is definitely a must.