Move over humans – Japan to get the first hotel staffed by robots

Frustrated with mediocre butler service and slow-paced housekeeping? Japan’s newest Hen-na Hotel is your new-found paradise. Think robot receptionists, porters, cleaners and waitresses, all at your beck and call. We have got you thinking, haven’t we? So this is how it works – on your arrival, you will be greeted exclusively by a robot, checked in and your precious luggage will make their way to your rooms by a robot porter.

So of course, the main objective of this technology is to eliminate increasing room tariffs by reducing human staffing and energy consumption. Likewise, the “cutting-edge” hotel will use the latest in facial recognition technology and allow guests to open their door by simply presenting themselves in front of their room, without a key.

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hen-na-hotel-2“We will make the most efficient hotel in the world,” company President Hideo Sawada said in a news conference.
The Hen-na Hotel in Huis Ten Bosch theme park will witness a 2015 summer unveiling. Just to keep you updated, the theme park already features a few unusual themes with replicas of Dutch streets and a mock-up of a namesake royal palace in The Hague.

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In keeping with the low-cost theme of the hotel, accommodation at the hotel will cost approximately $60 per night and interestingly, will be rented on an auction system.

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