Only in Iceland – Redditor spots hotel room phone with ‘Northern Lights Wake-Up’ button

Have you ever experienced the pain of traveling to a destination to see its wonders only to miss it cause you were sleeping or unavailable at the right moment? That’s a disappointment that can be avoided for sure in Iceland. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis or northern lights, and they have a simple but effective way of ensuring you don’t miss the marvel you came for. Several Icelandic hotels offer a special “Northern Lights Wake-Up” call, so you’ll never miss the show.

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This service garnered the spotlight when musician Kristjan Hrannar noticed a special button on his in-room phone that said “Northern Lights Wake-Up” during his trip to Iceland. He shared a photo of his hotel room phone on Reddit. This button, when pressed, allows the hotel to wake you up whenever the Northern Lights become visible in the sky. It’s unclear which hotel Hrannar was staying at, but the complimentary auto-aurora wake-up call is offered in numerous hotels across the country. Still, Hotel Rangá, Hotel Husáfell, and Hotel Budir are a few that provide this remarkable service.

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Hotel Rangá even advertises this feature on their website, stating, ‘Did you know that the Northern Lights can appear at any time of night? From sunset to sunrise, you can never predict exactly when the show will start. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our Aurora wake-up service ensures that guests never miss an appearance of the Northern Lights. Press a button on your in-room phone and receive a call whenever the Northern Lights should appear.’ The next time you plan a vacation to Iceland, make sure your hotel offers this service, and you don’t leave your Northern Lights sightings to chance!

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