Only in London – The Ritz kicks out a billionaire American VC for wearing sneakers

There is no doubt that the future is right here, thanks to the many venture capitalists who are bringing technologically advanced ideas to life. But then again, with great ideas and money comes rad style. Sneakers, a t-shirt, and jeans pretty much make the perfect geek today. He may be the guy buried under capacitors in an underground lab or a rich venture capitalist holidaying in Hawaii. Does the whole world accept this little occupation-anomaly in this new breed? Maybe most of the world but not London.

Y Combinator, the firm that backed Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe, is one of the US’s biggest VC funds. Co-founder Sam Altman was at The Ritz in London for a business meeting and, as a habit has it, strolled right into the bar of the world’s most famous wearing sneakers. Unfortunately for him, the Ritz London didn’t accept this dress code since they have a strict, full-formal code adhered to by nearly everyone who steps in. He was subsequently asked to leave.

But that wasn’t the end of the drama. Twitter-heads took the situation as an example and began bashing the old-school ways of London and how ‘this wouldn’t happen in SF’. Altman’s co-founder Paul Graham joined in too with this view. However there were a few counter arguments that floated around Twitter but it really raises a question for all who’ve wondered. Are dress-codes dead? Should London ‘evolve’ with the times? Will there be a time when all men would live out of suits?

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