Kate Middleton’s wedding day perfume by Illuminum is a runaway hit with the commoners

After her dress, cake and her wedding details, its time for the Duchess of Cambrigde’s wedding perfume to make waves around the world. The White Gardenia Petals fragrance that the British brand Illuminum created for her is now selling like hot cakes with a two-week waiting period. Owned by former celebrity hairdresser Michael Boadi, the fragrance from Illuminum which can explained as a ‘delicate and nuanced scent offers top note of coconut along with flavors of muguet, ylang ylang and jasmine breeze.

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Boadi said he was ‘thrilled’ that Kate had picked his scent, which is now retailing at £70 ($115) per bottle. Spokesperson Michael Donovan told the Daily Mail, ‘There’s been a phenomenal response across the world. Orders have come in from dozens of different countries, but most of our customers have come from the US. It’s charming to think that so many people abroad are interested in the wedding.’

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