A former Airbus engineer plans to convert a retired A380 jet into a luxury hotel in Toulouse, France. It will 31 rooms and a grand suite on the flight deck.

‘Someone’s sleeping in the cockpit,’ that is a statement that would shock the daylights out of someone. But not when you are sleeping in a hotel made inside a repurposed A380. Dubbed Project Envergure, meaning wingspan in French, the concept breathes new life into a retired Airbus A380 adjacent to Toulouse Blagnac Airport. A brainchild of Frédéric Deleuze, a former Airbus engineer, the A380 Hotel will be every aviation enthusiasts’ dream come true with 31 rooms divided between standard and deluxe categories and two additional suites. The standard rooms will spread across 16 square meters, and the deluxe option will be 23 square meters, including a queen-sized bed and one or two single beds.

The experience of flying high is only enjoyed for years by pilots and cabin crew; this hotel will allow people fond of airplanes to spend leisurely time in an aircraft instead of a few hours of travel time. An air traffic control tower also inspires an on-site restaurant. It will accommodate up to 60 guests and double up as the reception area. Two suites measuring 35 square meters each feature a king-size bed and an ensuite bathroom fitted with a bathtub for maximum comfort. The second or deluxe suite retains the original staircase connecting the two levels at the rear end.

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Deleuze told The Points Guy, “I love challenges and discovering new things continuously. Also, I always had in mind to create my own business.” He continued, “I target both customer types, passionate or curious people, but also business (travelers) considering the location, in a great economic area, and the comfort proposed by the hotel.”The A380 hotel would be located at the new MEETT convention and exhibition center near Toulouse airport, with a scheduled opening date of 2024.

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