Retro gaming arcades, art galleries, speakeasy and more – Atari is building a hotel in Las Vegas and it will be a luxe arcade haven for the 80s kid

If you identify the words ‘pong, ‘asteroids,’ ‘adventure,’ ‘pitfall,’ ‘joust,’ you are about to get really excited. Gensler is bringing the flagship “Atari Hotel” to Las Vegas which means you will soon have a massive vintage gaming console haven to revel in. making video game enthusiasts around the world joyous is a partnership between Atari and hoteliers GSD Group to unveil a line of video game-themed hotels. The Las Vegas Atari Hotel will be a 400-room hotel, split into separate hemispheres and connected by a glass atrium to imposingly resemble a massively scaled version of the tri-pronged Atari logo. The hotel will include an eSports studio, an Atari gaming playground, meeting and event rooms, co-working spaces, restaurants, bars, a bakery, a movie theater, and a gym. This structure will possibly comprise a maximum of 30 floors, promising a video game-forward experience combined with in-room consoles, new releases like unrevealed experiential entertainment. This won’t be the only Atari hotel globally; it is, in fact, only one of eight Atari-themed hotels that will be developed in eight cities in the United States.

The Las Vegas Atari Hotel and Phoenix, Arizona, locations will open first, followed by hotels in Austin, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. Shelly Murphy, Managing Partner, GSD Group, said, “Like Atari’s legacy in innovation, Atari Hotels is infusing synthetic reality into every aspect of the hotel, creating an immersive hospitality and gaming experience for our guests. From our virtual interactive world to the physical locations, every element of Atari Hotels will offer a unique and authentic experience for everyone.”

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