Russia plans to open a luxury hotel in the space by 2022

If the usual 5 star hotels seem unexciting to you and you’re looking for something that offers an out-of-the-world experience, then you are in luck! Come 2022, vacationing in outer space will be a reality. Russian space corporation Roscosmos plans to build a 20-ton, 51-foot long luxury hotel module on the International Space Station (ISS) which will feature four private sleeping cabins. The space hotel will be equipped with a pair of “hygiene and medical” stations, a lounge area, exercise equipment, and Wi-Fi. And for that jaw-dropping view of the planet earth, each suite will have airplane-like windows measuring nine-inch in diameter along with larger 16-inch ones in the community lounge area.

But how can a trip to the outer space be complete without those wicked spacewalks! The entire trip, lasting from one to two weeks will cost $40 million per person, but the hotel will also offer a month-long extended-stay package which includes a stroll outside the ISS. It will cost an additional $20 million. Although it’s not cheap by any measure but the plan bets on the growing number of multi-millionaires around the world. Building the tourist module will cost between 16.4 and 26.2 billion rubles ($279 million— $446 million), and if just 36 wealthy individuals choose to visit the space hotel, the module would make money. But beyond the technical challenges, the major hurdle for the space hotel is time. The ISS is scheduled to close in 2028, so the hotel will only be there for a maximum of six years provided it is operational by 2022.

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