Soneva Soul, a new wellness concept that amalgamates cutting-edge innovation with centuries of healing wisdom

Soneva, the pioneering luxury resorts operator, is leading the path in giving people a luxe island life. It is known to be a beautiful breather in people’s busy lives. With the launch of Soneva Soul, the resort is adding yet another serene dimension to the Maldivian marvel Soneva Jani, going beyond the stunning realms of nature into your very mind, body, and soul. The transformative wellness concept will enthrall guests by combining Soneva’s experience of more than 26 years in areas of unparalleled luxury hospitality and wellbeing.

Talking about the beautiful new addition of Soneva Soul is Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Co-Founder of Soneva, “Wellness permeates all that we do at Soneva: our sustainable, barefoot philosophy that reconnects our guests to the earth; our life-affirming natural locations; our delicious yet health-focused cuisine; and our life-changing guest experiences.” He continued, “Soneva Soul is the culmination of everything we have learned since we launched our spa at Soneva Fushi in 1995, the very first resort spa in the Maldives. Much like Soneva, at Soneva Soul, we are pioneering an approach that combines apparent opposites to offer our guests a transformative and personalized wellbeing experience.”

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Not only will Soneva Soul bring you exclusive resort spas, movement, sleep, yoga, and meditation programs, but it also extends to wellness and lifestyle products found at Soneva Soul Island Spa’s three-level complex located in the pristine and picturesque Soneva Jani. The complex will open the gates of wellbeing with elevated walkways, open-air treatment rooms, consultation suites, therapeutic biomodulation rooms, and even a state-of-the-art gym and juice bar. Whatever your preferred method of staying fit, Soneva offers that with added benefits.

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Yoga enthusiasts can make the most of the milieu by mediating in the dedicated areas flaunting 360-degree views across the private turquoise lagoon. Soneva Soul is now operational in Soneva Jani and Soneva’s other award-winning resorts, Soneva Fushi in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll and Soneva Kiri in Thailand.

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