Suite of the week: Experience the marvels of Moroccan luxury at the Pavilion Piscine suite, Amanjena, Marrakech.

There are some places on the surface of the Earth that possess more magic than others and one of those places is Marrakech. A chance to enjoy seclusion with only a loved one in tow amidst 15 acres of lush greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the medina is what’s on the table here. A sense of openness while you and your loved one feel closer than ever before in a setting so romantic owing to an enthralling villa experience with their own terraces and outdoor living areas. Amanjena lies just outside the fabled Red City and is inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech and its12th-century Menara gardens. Morocco’s gracious architecture reflects in every nook and corner right from the gardens and gazebos, vaulted ceilings, and Moorish arches and earth-toned pisé-de-terre walls. This same vastness can be experienced in Amanjena’s five-star Pavilions which provide 220-square-meter of poshness. Guests can revel in the sound of running water in fountains while chaise longues and candle lanterns lend classic Moroccan ambiance. One step in and the Pavilion Piscine suite room featuring Berber carpets, on Zellij-tiled floors and soaring mirrors, and you feel like royalty of the desert islands. The plush pool pavilions are large and can be lazed in till the end of time. To double the fun these pavilions can be joined together via courtyard doors to expand your aquatic area. Guests can also choose to relax in their own private 25-square-meter of the heated swimming pool or enjoy a cup of soothing tea in their private garden or a courtyard with a fanciful gazebo. The rooms are commodious with a large king-sized bed, flanked with a Moroccan leather desk, and a companion in the form of a cherry wood chair. The bathrooms are luxuriously designed with Ouarzazate green marble finishes and a columned bathtub. For the utmost comfort of the guests, the Pavilion Piscine suite room provides twin vanities, dressing areas, and separate showers. On a beautiful Moroccan evening, a steaming cup of coffee or a cool glass of wine (from your personal bar) is the ideal way of enjoying the sunset on your sundeck nestled on the daybed. Romantic nights dipped in conversation will turn picturesque in the living area with wood-burning fireplace.

Amanjena not only has access to North Africa’s most diverse geography but is also a kaleidoscope of culinary traditions. You can enjoy some foot-tapping local music along with the melting-pot cuisine of Morocco at Amanjena’s serene restaurant courtyard. You will also find the fresh ingredients and powerful flavors of Southern Italy’s rustic kitchen at Arva or head straight to Nama to experience Japan’s Unesco-protected washoku cuisine with artfully plated sushi and sashimi. If you wish to enjoy a more private dining experience then a lantern-lit table comfortably set in the nooks of your private garden should make it a memorable evening.

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Area- 220m2
Occupancy- 2 adults
Rate- $ 1320 per night, including breakfast and airport transfers.
Where- Route de Ouarzazate km 12, Marrakech Morocco 40000
Phone : +212 5 24 399 040

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