The Burj Al Arab is all set to expand with a new ocean deck and two swimming pools

Dubai’s ultra-luxe Burj Al Arab hotel is set to get even more posh. The hotel will soon get a new outdoor space called North Deck which measures about 10,000 sq. m and stretches 100m into the ocean. The deck was made in Finland and is currently on a sea voyage to Dubai. Once North Deck is complete, it will boast new 32 beach cabanas, 400 sun loungers, a restaurant and a bar as well as a 621 sq. m fresh water pool and an 828-sq. m salt water pool.

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“Dubai is renowned for providing exceptional experiences. This is the first time a structure of this nature and size has been built in one country and then transported to another country to be assembled and operated. We are really pushing the boundaries of innovation and demonstrating how committed we are to positioning Dubai as the most exciting destination in the world and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah as the finest provider of luxury experiences,” said Robert Swade, Jumeirah Group’s Chief Operating Officer.
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North Deck will possibly be complete by May this year and if the artist’s renderings prove reliable, it will definitely be a must-visit spot and almost as Instagram-worthy as their artificial beach.
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