Urban Tails Dubai is the world’s first seven star pet resort

It has been sprouting in the States like Apple orchards, and now the exclusive resort treatment for pets has crossed seas to good ol’ Dubai. Urban Tails Dubai had become the world’s first seven-star resort for pets when it opened doors this summer. As is typical for anything to do with this tiny-but-supersonic nation, it had to claim the title for one of the ‘est,’ giving it a high responsibility to keep up to utmost luxury. Created by Irish ex-pat Aideen O’Mara, she decided Dubai’s extreme weather conditions were no place to raise a pet and have them exposed to the parks and beaches. So she decided to open this luxury resort where cats and dogs could ‘socialize in luxury surroundings.’ It offers suites for 70 dogs and 40 cats and features classical music, air-conditioning, and plasma TVs. Prices range between $30 and $37 a night for the Junior Suites and between $40 and $68 for the Deluxe and Urban Suites.

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