The Burj Khalifa enters the Guinness books once again as its elevators reach the moon

The Burj Khalifa has made it to the Guinness World Records seven times. Including, the tallest building in the world, and also having the highest observatory deck in the world. The possibility of flaw is almost negligible, but the exquisite structure is on a tireless mission to shine before any competition shades its glory. Its endurance has taken visitors from the world over to the moon and back, and almost literally.
Since 2010, its two dedicated elevators have travelled the distance between moon and earth, a staggering 384,400km. Run by (again) the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, Otis, the lifts go 244.4km up and down each day, to the open-air deck covering 124 floors. The deck was open in October last year and is located at level 148.

Ever since its opening the tower has attracted people from around the globe like bees to honey. While affluent profiles, dignitaries and celebrities made investments in the tower, several other brand names have used it as a platform to make an impact on their announcements. We have seen stars clinging from its windows, cars being showcased at incredible heights and chances to dine amidst the clouds. The tower also offers people with lighter wallets the opportunity to experience the icon and the world’s most amazing view giving apartments on short lease for lower rents.

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