The lobby of Sister City hotel in New York city plays Microsoft AI-generated Björk tunes that change with the weather

, Björk is no stranger to using tech and music together, and this time, the Icelandic star is using Microsoft AI as part of Kórsafn (“choral archives”), a non-stop composition that is a part of a series of “lobby soundscapes” created with the help of Microsoft and Sister City. The project plays selections from Björk’s many choral arrangements (including new ones composed by the Hamrahlid Choir) based on what the AI sees in the sky through a rooftop camera. It’ll react based on different cloud types, the behavior of birds, passing aircraft, and even barometric pressure. Long-term weather trends will gradually alter the piece, too. If you want to experience Björk tunes that change with the weather, head straight to the lobby of Sister City, a hotel in New York’s lower east side that opened in the spring of 2019.

Björk has a naturally chaotic style of music. So alterations made by AI-driven by the changes in the weather and sky would more seamlessly seem adaptable. For those who can’t go all the way to New York to enjoy this experience, you can check out the live feed here.

[Via: Designboom]

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