The picturesque and 5 star Laucala island resort in Fiji offers ‘Underwater plane’ voyages to its guests

Say, how about a riddle today folks? What is common between James Bond and Laucala Island? Underwater travel! The Fiji resort has become the first to offer a chance to ride, no wait, glide in the Graham Hawkes invented DeepFlight Super Falcon. Needless to say, the private island resort goes straight to my bucket list of hotels. The activity on the other hand would be the inception of a top luxe thrills list if there was ever one.

The two-person submersible allows island guests to dive deep into the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Or do barrel rolls underwater, make sharp turns, whatever, at six knots (nearly seven miles) per hour. Those two-hour trips also mean 360-degree views of magnificent coral reefs, abundant fish, and sharks, all from your comfortable spot within the craft! None of this should come as a surprise though, since Dietrich Mateschitz, CEO of Red Bull, is the owner of the 3,200-acre resort (emphasis on ‘Red Bull’?).

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Shallow lagoons, colorful reefs and tropical fish, such as coral trout, angelfish, lionfish, and octopus, surround Laucala Island. Set amidst the coconut plantations, sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains, the resort boasts 25 villas, with a stay in one costing a couple $5,000. Guests also have the option of buying out the island at $150,000 (per night) with a minimum of five nights’ stay for 72 people, maximum.

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Just 40 minutes from the resort lies one of Fiji’s most legendary dive sites, the Great White Wall, a vertical wall blanketed in soft white coral. Speaking of, the 1,500ft plunge in the 21ft long futuristic-looking craft (with a wingspan of 9) can cost anyone a cool $1,700. A creation of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, who also developed the machine used in For Your Eyes Only, the 1981 007 movie, DeepFlight Super Falcon will be available to experience exclusively at the resort from July 1.





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