Aman is launching a wellness focused hotel brand ‘Janu’

Aman, the luxury hotel brand has been loved for over three decades now. The world swooned over their offering of a luxurious home away from home. To spend time away from the daily grind of work, business, people and fatigue and when you want the tranquility in the best possible looking place without anyone even speaking much to you, the uber-luxe Aman resort is the place for you. However, this hotel company, that’s considered the most luxurious hotel company in the world, is now spinning off a second brand called Janu after recognizing the white space in the market. Janu the younger sister of this world-renowned brand will retain the core principles of luxury, opulence and extraordinary design in its properties although what changes (many will say for the better) is this younger sister is far more lively and a lot less secluded luxury travel experience making it apt for a younger generation who wouldn’t mind the healthy conversations and friendships that often kickstart in trips. Janu differs from Aman with an emphasis on ‘social wellness’ a thought that aims to bring connectedness and community together under one roof. How do they plan on making it happen? Well for starters, there are group-focused fitness classes, and public spaces where meeting and engaging in conversations becomes conducive. There are talks of property-led street art tours, or at an array of restaurants and bars, some of which will have DJs and live entertainment throughout the week. They also offer larger rooms though their premium rates remain unchanged here.

Janu is all set to open in Tokyo, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, and Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. Compared to Aman’s average price of $1,400 a night, Janu will float in the $1,000-per-night range.

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