Aman’s new private jet expedition offers an unparalleled luxury experience across four Asian countries

Aman continues their simple yet striking take on luxury and hospitality with a new private jet expedition (you may remember that the Four Season’s debuted one earlier this year) slated for October. The 17 day getaway will offer guests an experience full of beauty and adventure through China, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka. The trip will offer a closer look at some of Asia’s most wonderful treasures offering guests a look at cities, mountains, jungle and beaches.

The journey begins on the 8th of October in Hangzhou, China where dramatically beautiful tea plantations and bamboo groves await alongside sites of cultural significance like ancient synagogues, the Yu Gardens and the M50 art complex. Further on in Lijiang, guests can explore traditional Chinese culture in Baisha Village, one of the oldest towns in the area while the snow-capped peaks of the Jade Dragon mountain range make a stunning backdrop.

Thimphu in Bhutan affords a luxe stay at the Amankora, a quaint market visit and time spent at a Buddhist monastery. In Paro, fortresses and museums compete for attention alongside the legendary Tiger’s Nest temple. Guests will travel by 2 Gulfstream G200s, each of which accommodates four couples. Excursions will be by private car and the evenings will be marked with dazzling cocktail parties.

Guests will further explore Jaipur in India where enthralling bazaars and majestic monuments and forts are the chief attractions. The trip will include an excursion into some of the local villages as well as a yoga session on a stone pavilion set amidst the ruins of the city of Bhangarh. The next stop is Ranthambore where the Aman-i-Khas offers an unmatched glamping experience. A tiger safari affords a rare glance at the majestic big cats that still roam the national park.

Finally the journey concludes in Sri Lanka where colonial architecture, nature trails and hikes, beachside walks and bustling markets offer their myriad charms. Aman resorts enhance the travel experience at every turn; you’ll be left thinking: This is the only way to travel!
The tour is priced at $64,888 per person.

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