Decadent Pampering – Aman launches private jet wellness journeys

Global elites take note. Leading hotel and resorts group Aman has pushed the boundaries of luxury yet again and this time with a series of wellness-focused tours via private jet.

Aman’s Private Jet Wellness Journeys will be held across tranquil and remote locations and will take travelers to the Hindu temples of the Kingdom of Alwar, the spiritual monuments of Java, and the islands of Phuket. The exclusive retreats, starting from $55,000 per person, will invite guests to combine travel with wellbeing experiences and will include yoga and Pilates sessions, Ayurvedic therapies, and one-on-one meetings with wellness gurus.

The first wellness journey will be from 18 September to 3 October and will take guests through Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. It will be led by Yamuna Zake, founder of the Yamuna Body Rolling method. The trip also includes visits to Bali’s creative and traditional heartlands, a tropical private island in the Philippines and the Vietnamese coast while staying at five luxurious Aman properties.

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The second wellness journey will take place in November across India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand on a 14-day adventure. This retreat will focus on both the physical and spiritual sides of wellness, combining a personalized program of yoga and Pilates.

“Aman launched Private Jet Journeys to redefine the bounds of travel,” says Nicola Roche, Aman’s group spa director. “We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to open up destinations to our guests. The Private Jet Wellness Journeys are a natural progression [for us], combining life-changing travel experiences with wellbeing journeys, designed to restore a sense of peace and invigorate mind, spirit, and body.

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