The perfect gift for an Aman junkie: the exclusive Aman Essentials Advent calendar, a bundle of joy packed with fine fragrances, skincare products, and candles.

Are you a steadfast admirer of Aman, often referred to as an Amanjunkie? This festive season, Aman Essentials unveils its inaugural limited-edition advent calendar, transforming Christmas into an exceptionally joyous occasion. The iconic Crown Building in New York City, a beacon in the heart of the Big Apple, serves as the inspiration for this season’s most coveted gift. Nestled in Manhattan, Aman New York extends its essence into the advent calendar, which houses an array of both miniature and full-sized items, each a reflection of Aman’s serene retreats.

The advent calendar showcases an exquisite selection of favorites from the Aman Essentials range, including the renowned Aman Fine Fragrances and Aman Skincare. Additionally, it features exclusive offerings from various Aman Resorts, rendering the Aman Advent Calendar an essential item for enthusiasts. The assortment boasts seven Fine Fragrances, including notable scents like Alta, Zuac, and Sei. It also includes a bespoke-branded jade Gua Sha, a Nourishing Lip Butter, and various travel-sized delights.

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Aman skincare aficionados will be delighted to discover products such as the Golden Body Serum, the Grounding pulse point remedy, the Aman x 111SKIN Nourishing Gold Algae Face Mask, and more. The calendar also incorporates three variants of the Aman Mini Spa Candles, along with other Aman Resorts merchandise.

This exquisite Aman Advent Calendar is now available for purchase online at and at the expansive Aman Essentials concession within Harrods, the epitome of luxury department stores, priced at $670.

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