From the bazaars of Morocco to the rain forests of Indonesia – Aman Resorts has launched a line of fragrances that reverberate the distinguished character of its unparalleled destinations

Aman Resorts International is a luxury hotel group with 32 destinations in 20 countries. With these hotels, they have successfully managed to create a parallel universe of relief, rest, and rejuvenation that’s commendable and not found elsewhere. The same kind of concept of wellness beyond the four walls of it was witnessed with the arrival of Aman Skincare’s new brand, SVA, which offers a range of holistic formulas and supplements. Following the success of the supplements, Aman now launches Fine Fragrance, a range of luxe scents, each resounding the distinguished vibe of Aman’s exceptional destinations. The Aman Fine Fragrance collection launches with five 50ml Eau de parfums which is the best way to travel to exotic locales without boarding a flight this year! These fabulous fragrances act as a catalyst to awaken your memories and transport you to otherworldly locations, and unique experiences offered by Aman Resorts. The creator of the collection, Jacques Chabert has conceived five gender-neutral scents based on some of the best Aman Resorts in the world. ‘Vayu’ inspired by Amanpuri, Thailand derives its name from the Sanskrit word for ‘wind’ and brings forth the freshness of summer, the fragrant frangipani and tuberose, and pristine white sands of Amanpuri with notes like Bergamot, Lemongrass, Coconut, and tuberose. ‘Ayom’ is inspired by Amanjiwo, Indonesia very well captures the Deep, dramatic floral depths of the jungle. Top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom, and Elemi represent a memory of warmth and intimacy found in Aman Amanjiwo.

Venetian opulence, the grandness of 16th century Palazzo, a rich history is all encapsulated in Umbr, a rich and layered fragrance, with top notes of Black pepper, Rose, Safran, body notes of Nargamota Cypriol, and base notes of amber, leather reminiscent of Aman Venice. Zuac is a fragrance inspired by the colors of the Red City, Morocco, and its ancient Medina. One whiff of this fragrance that’s dipped in the Moorish architecture and notes like Pink Pepper, Bay St Thomas, Saffron, Vetyver, and Patchouli come alive. The fragrance ‘Alta’ is a surprise in the collection inspired by Aman New York opening spring 2021. The fragrance is aptly named Alta, meaning ‘high’ in Latin that’s completely spurred by the rich architectural history of New York. Aman Fine Fragrance is free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens, and formaldehyde. The fragrances are enclosed in a Paulownia wood box, with the outer packaging wrapped using an exquisitely textured Takeo paper made in Japan. The fragrances are now available to pre-order for $286.

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