This Japanese hotel has one of the coolest room amenity – A full-sized flight simulator

If you love everything about airplanes, then the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu in Japan has an exciting deal just for you. In pleasing enthusiastic flyers, the hospitality brand has recently unveiled a room outfitted with a full-sized flight simulator. Yes, that’s right! Called the “Superior Cockpit Room.”, the accommodation features a full-size Boeing 737-800 flight simulator that can be rented by guests per their liking.

The airport hotel w is connected to Terminal 2 of Haneda International Airport in Tokyo and is the only one of its kind to boast of a flight simulator in one of its rooms. The idea to install the machine was conceived by the hotel’s general manager with a view to differentiate the brand from the thousands of other hotels in Tokyo. As confirmed by a public relations officer at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, it cost the brand about 10 million yen ($92,000) to outfit the room which has since then received positive responses from its guests.

Guests at the hotel are also able to experience the piloting of the Boeing 737-800, flying from Haneda to Osaka’s Itami Airport with the help of an instructor. While using the simulator costs 30,000 Yen ($277), the tariff of the room itself rounds up to 25,300 Yen ($234). Well if you’re interested in a unique flight of sorts, head right to the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu in Japan!


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