Upcoming and Exclusive: Spring 2021, will see the opening of Aman New York, a haven of unparalleled rejuvenation, luxurious urban residences, and world-class wellbeing

It was only a matter of time that one of the most exclusive hotel brands in the world would occupy one of the finest corners in the world! Come spring 2021, the legendary Aman Resorts will open its doors to New Yorkers at the crossroads of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. Known for their breathtaking locations, Aman Resorts keep up the tradition by selecting New York’s finest, Manhattan’s iconic Crown Building. This momentous occasion of Aman Resorts foray into the big apple coincides with the Crown Building’s 100th anniversary. As is the case with every world-class Aman property, the newest New York space will impress with a comprehensive Aman Spa, as many as 83 elegant guest rooms and suites, as opposed to 40 or fewer suites they usually have coupled with world-class dining and entertainment venues. It’s absolutely the very first of its kind urban Aman Residences not seen anywhere else in the world. With renowned architect Jean-Michel Gathy roped in, Aman New York has reached its final stages of monumental transformations but is permeated with Aman’s spirit. Aman New York’s 83 guest rooms and suites, 22 are private branded residences, flanked with spacious outdoor terraces, including a one-of-a-kind, five-storey penthouse that epitomizes the spirit of New York albeit the Aman way. Guests will have access to unparalleled facilities like three principal dining venues, a jazz club, and the 2,300-square-metre Aman Spa, and private members will enjoy an Aman Club as well. Aman’s exceptional service and world-class dining are witnessed at Aman’s signature, fine-dining Japanese restaurant, Nama, serving the most excellent sushi and sashimi. Guests can unwind at Aman New York’s wine cellar, ‘The Wine Library’ or savor signature Italian delicacies on the wraparound garden terrace with uninterrupted views of Central Park.

No matter the location, Aman Resorts’ focus on personal wellbeing is unwavering and even more enhanced with the Aman Urban Wellness concept. The Aman Spa highlights this agenda by dedicating three-stories of serene, consummately private haven to hotel guests, residence owners, and Aman Club members. From medical and wellness assessments and evaluations, sleep and nutrition programs, to non-invasive and evidence-based beauty treatments. For those who love to spend their days off relaxing by the pool, other spa facilities will bring guests an exceptional boutique and lounge, along with a 20-meter indoor swimming pool lined with double daybeds around cozy fire pits, that’s something of a rarity in New York. Unwinding is truly redefined here at Aman New York, with the highest well-being achieved with spacious 280-square-meter innovative Aman Fitness and a yoga studio complete with a hydrotherapy facility saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains, and sensory showers. The coming together of the invigorating spirit of New York City with the serenity of Aman Resorts will be the high point of 2021.

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Update – The Aman New York is scheduled to open on August 2, 2022, in Manhattan’s iconic Crown Building.

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