We try out the BMW Peninsula edition at the Peninsula Shanghai

The BMW 7 series is undoubtedly one of the best executive saloons in the world currently offering the perfect blend of luxury and performance. But for clients who want nothing but the best, the Bavarian automaker’s bespoke personalization program builds one-off products by customizing them with unique materials and equipment to fulfill the most discerning requirements. BMW Individual with its traditional handcraftsmanship has been synonymous with perfection for more than 20 years now and the Peninsula Group of Hotels is one of its most prestigious clients which has a fleet of bespoke 7 Series long wheel base cars personalized by the client-program. During my stay at the Peninsula Shanghai, I got a chance to experience the BMW 7 Series Peninsula Edition and here is how they are making the best even better.

The Peninsula Shanghai is the third hotel in the group to use customized 7 Series and maintains a fleet of six BMW Peninsula Editions all decked out in signature Peninsula Green. We used the car for a sightseeing trip to Shanghai’s famous Yu Garden and to meet Lu Kun an internationally renowned fashion designer as a part of the Peninsula Academy program. The BMW Peninsula Edition is specifically customized with features that help its guests travel in utmost style and comfort . Among the host of features the ones which I personally liked include the soothing soft brown upholstery and interiors, temperature controlled hand towel and bottle compartment, tissue box holder and used towel box on the rear doors and the telephone for the guests.

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bmw-peninsula-edition-4Unlike the traditional bottle coolers in high-end cars which are large and take up a lot of space, the one in the BMW Peninsula Edition is small and fixed under the armrest for the rear seat. The temperature is maintained at a comfortable 8o C. The compartment also comes with a towel dispenser. As you can see in the pictures, the interior of the car is wrapped Merino leather and has Alcantra roof lining.

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bmw-peninsula-edition-3The telephone is attached to the front armrest just above the air conditioning controls for the rear. It is easily reachable by the guests sitting on the rear seat. A very convenient feature for foreign guests to connect with their loved ones.

bmw-peninsula-edition-5Just near the door sill plates at the rear end, the BMW Peninsula Edition has used towel compartment and tissue box holders on each side. And in the humid Shanghai weather you will be sure to use a couple of them.

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