You can now take home all the things you love about the Ritz Paris

Ever since it reopened following an extensive renovation, the Ritz Paris has been dropping newsworthy updates every few months. From their lush spa to the glamorous bars, everything about the hotel seems to have a high-end sheen on it. And if you’ve left the hotel wishing you could take a piece of it back with you, then we bear good news. The hotel’s new online boutique lets you purchase some of the very things that you loved about the place. From the fragrance that lingers in the air to the sumptuous furnishings, fond Ritz memories can now be added to your cart! Below we’ve picked out a few of our favorite items.

Bedside lamp: €1,500
This period inspired piece is a faithful reproduction of the light fitting installed when the hotel first opened in 1898.

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Peach Bathrobe, €200
Swath yourself in a luxurious cloud of Egyptian cotton with this favorite item. Nobody can deny that they’ve dreamed of nicking one of these luxe robes, now you can have a brand new one with no guilt!

Stained Glass Blue Scarf, €250
The scarf is inspired by the stained glass window illuminating the staircase of the hotel lobby and picks up the themes of spiraling trees and flowers that decorate the central area of the hotel.

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L’Ambre Ritz XL porcelain candle, €132
As you enter the hotel, you can’t ignore the warm amber fragrance of your favorite hotel. That elusive scent is captured in this three wick candle.

[Available at:Ritzparisboutique]

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