$16,620 Edouard Nahum ring comes with 419 diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends or so they say. Such sayings usually contain a grain of truth and in the case of Bagues Boule ring, diamonds are almost the masters of the girl in question. No girl would be able to resist the temptation of this $16,620 ring designed by Edouard Nahum. It comes with several brilliant black and white diamonds which are mounted on a white gold ring. A total of 8.24 carats sit heavily in the Boule’s triple-ball design.

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The Bagues Boule looks appropriate enough to be worn in lavish parties at places like Monte Carlo. Even if you do not plan to visit Monte Carlo, it is enough to make any snooty faced lady burn with jealousy. You could check out the $7 million Chopard diamond ring and the Chanel 18k Yellow Gold ring as well, if you are planning to adorn yourself with riches.
Via: [Embelezzia]

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