2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender brings the world’s rarest red, pink and blue diamonds to Tokyo

All the way from Western Australia to the metropolis of Tokyo, the Argyle diamonds are now having a Japanese showcase, one that features the rarest of the rare. Rio Tinto is taking to Tokyo, the first- time- in- five- years preview, with the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. And set to spread their serendipitous sheen are the finest red, pink and blue diamonds in the world’s most exclusive diamond sale. A quick recap would remind us of the highly private nature of all of Argyle’s previews and take us through imageries of gilded doors and hushed tones. While the sealed bids aren’t quite the modern-day myth but a burgeoning reality, Argyle’s philosophy of personal selection is surely the pinnacle in modern-day coveting.

Known to have reproduced the largest pinkdiamond, the Australian Argyle mines are a literal treasure trove with jewels such as the 1.45-carat Princess- cut diamond and exquisite 20-carat pinkdiamond tiara, in its crown. And the latest valuable finds featured in the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender are 64 diamonds, including 58 pink diamonds, three fancy red diamonds and three blue diamonds.

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Of the three Fancy Red diamonds gleams, the 1.56- carat round gem Argyle Phoenix, the largest Fancy Red diamond ever offered at Tender, was named in honor of the newly commissioned Argyle underground mine. Also, for the first time in eight years, there is a diamond greater than three carats – the 3.02- carat Radiant, Fancy Intense Orangy Pink diamond, named Argyle Imperial.

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Equally unusual is the 0.71- carat blue heart-shaped diamond, Argyle Celestial, which is expected to sell with a matching heart-shaped fancy pink diamond from the collection.

Clearly, the Argyle Pink Diamonds are a long way from their transparent counterparts, with their unique shapes and colors. And that is precisely the philosophy they hope to tap the Tokyo market with. While the “cherry blossom” pink shades remain the traditional favorite, the Japanese desires for rare jewelry perfectly coincide with Argyle’s heart-shaped designs; the matching pink and blue heart-shaped diamonds in the 2013 Tender collection are expected to tie takers in a not-so- tender contesting. Bids close October 2, 2013.

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