Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is bought by an Australian Jeweler

Events like the biggest pink diamond being unearthed in Australia and the 9-carat pink diamond cropping up at Christie’s have definitely churned the public interest in the rare form of pink diamond. The upsurge in interest is only justified as Argyle mines in Australia; the largest pink diamond producer has a meager 8 years of production remaining. Australian jewelry retailer Linneys’ recognized the eagerness and decided to cash in on it by acquiring a $2 million Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara. Designed by Royal Jeweler, Asprey of London, the 20-carat tiara is encrusted with 178 rare Argyle pink diamonds, making it one of the most important pink diamond creations that ever existed. The piece recognizes Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee and has been on tour around Australia since July last year.

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[Argyle Pink Diamonds Via Jeweller Magazine]

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