Solange Azagury-Partridge gold and diamond Chandelier wows all at Miami Design

Design Miami is set to really dazzle this year with a centerpiece
that is so beautiful you simply won’t be able to look away.
London-based jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is the genius
behind the beautiful chandelier that will be the centerpiece of
Sebastian + Barquet’s exhibit. The beautiful chandelier is an apt
symbol of Miami’s lush and lavish lifestyle. And all credit goes to
this famous designer who has had no formal training and still managed
to create this one of a kind centerpiece. The basic idea behind her
Unwearable gems collection is that it features decorative objects that
incorporate precious and semi-precious stones, each one more excessive
than the last.

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Encrusted with 220 carats of diamonds, the Gold and Diamond Chandelier
is made from delicate links suspended in arcs to form a sensual pear
shape that ends in a sharp point, reminiscent of the central
medallions of ancient Persian rugs. This beautiful 18 ct. the white gold
chandelier that is blackened to create a smoky effect, is sure to
transport you to the magical Aladdin era. So to enjoy an experience in
jewels that are more than just ornaments, this exhibit is a must-visit
for all.

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