An ultimate gift of luxury (or not): A $85,000 gold Pinata necklace filled with 50 glittering diamonds

If you’ve been wondering what to gift your better half as a way of professing your love, jewelry brand Miansai has a perfect offering for you. Presenting a gold Pinata necklace filled with 50 odd diamonds – a gift that no one ever said a no to! The party animal-themed necklace is touted as a luxe oddity at its best but nonetheless, it makes for an ideal gift, if only you have a steep $85,000 to spare!

Shaped in the form of a gold donkey dressed in shreds, the ‘Party Animal’ neckpiece, as it is lovingly called comes filled with a little treasure of sorts i.e. 50 loose diamonds that weigh an impressive 25 carats. The accessory is further doused in 18 Karat Solid Yellow Gold and stands tall at a length of 54mm. And though you’d expect a slightly bigger Pinata for the price commanded, Miansai’s gold donkey offering boasts a width of a mere 24mm along with a height of 60mm.

While the necklace in itself is quite eclectic, what we fail to understand is the loose stock of diamonds stocked inside it. The encasing is further held up by what looks like a loose cord which makes for a plausible risk of scattering the little necklaced treasure with a mere nudge of two. Don’t know if Miansai’s newest edition makes for a wearable gift, but either way, it’s a mark of what luxurious oddity looks like at its best!


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