Bulgari’s serpentine Eyes on Me jewelry line is as hypnotic as it is stylish

Bulgari is slithering into the spotlight with their new Serpenti Eyes on Me jewelry collection. The collection features the brand’s favored motif, the snake, in a number of avatars including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. What all the designs have in common is an emphasis on the snake’s eyes which are created used glittering gems in hypnotic colors.

With emeralds, amethysts and rubies for eyes, these snakes are defined by glittering diamond bodies and geometric scales. From Cleopatra to ancient Greece, the serpent has always been associated with sensuality, strength and the circle of life and we love how Bulgari reimagines this motif every season through their beautiful accessories.
The designs vary from earrings and pendants dripping in diamonds to rings and bracelets that are more subtle. We particularly love the snake head pendants with the hexagon shaped lattice design and the thin gold chains. These pendants are perfect to dress up a casual white shirt and jeans for daytime or can be layered up under a suit jacket (sans shirt, of course!) for evening.
The collection will be launched in July with prices starting at approximately US$2,070 (S$2,860).

[ Via : Luxatic ]

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