Cartier delves into the beauty of nature with a new high jewelry collection [Sur]Naturel

There’s only one brand that can outdo Cartier’s fabulous designs- Cartier itself. Surpassing its previous impressive high jewelry collections is Cartier’s latest nature-inspired [Sur]naturel collection. The collection has got it all- wilderness, fantasy, colors, and elements of nature intertwined to combine the world of design and nature in one beautiful, wearable and dazzling creation. The collection has reinterpreted their own old works and is spellbinding, to say the least. Let’s start with the key pieces in the collection -the Hemis necklace, that’s a reinterpretation of panther fur through the use of irregularly-shaped opals. The necklace brings together diamonds and opals to encase a stunning 71.80 carats cushion-shaped kunzite that is a showstopper for sure. The [Sur]Naturel collection wouldn’t be complete without including Cartier’s century-old fixation with the panther and the Panthere Tropicale is one of its best renditions. The wristwatch uses yellow gold and corals along with speckled onyx stones and diamonds. The panther alone won’t impress customers who have worn it for years which is why we need the snake to step in to make matters more glamorous. The Opheis necklace recreates the majestic creature by stringing together onyx-stone triangles that emulate the reptiles’ dorsal ridge. The glistening trail hugs a Zambian emerald totaling 53.94 carats that double as the head of the snake. The [Sur]Naturel collection goes beyond the fauna to the astonishingly inspiring fauna of the planet like water and the way it moves. This magic is unfolded in the scalloped lapis lazuli Sinope necklace that comprises diamond-studded small pieces linked together coupled with five Ceylon sapphires on the rounded outer edge.

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Last but certainly not least is a spot for Cartier’s signature plant family; the Tillandsia necklace inspired by its namesake plant, features a pair of oval-shaped beryls totaling 83.23 and 81.09 carats flanked by a framework of paved diamonds. Outstanding work by Cartier; when the pandemic gave nature a chance to reboot it truly inspired unmatched talent in others.

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