Cartier reinvents their iconic bird pendant in a colorful new avatar

Cartier has long since held a reputation to be THE go to brand for iconic, romantic jewelry. From their LOVE bracelet to the trinity ring, each finely crafted piece is steeped in tradition and romance, poised to become a part of some young couple’s dramatic love story. With their Flora and Fauna collection, Cartier explores a different theme, while the exotic and wild panther motif has excited fans of Cartier for years, what caught our eye was a delicate pendant featuring a colorful bird in a cage. Cartier calls it a symbol of optimism and liveliness, a fitting description for the image of a bird perched on the entrance of an open cage, poised to begin a new and free life.

First designed in 1942, the piece holds historical and political significance. At the time of the Second World War, Parisians called themselves caged birds as their city was occupied by Germans at the time, consequently Jean Toussaint (then Director of Fine Jewelry at Cartier) created a brooch depicting a caged bird to represent the lives of people in occupied France. Following France’s liberation in 1944, the design was altered this time depicting a bird on the cusp of venturing out into the world, a liberated bird. This reworked design was crafted in coral, lapis lazuli and diamonds representing the colors of the French flag.

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Cartier’s new version of the design is available in several different metal and stone combinations from plain white gold and diamonds to yellow gold with onyx, orange moonstone cabochon, garnet and diamonds. Our pick is definitely the pink gold cage featuring a bird with lapis lazuli wings, an amethyst body, a tsavorite garnet eye and pink sapphire. Not to mention 20 brilliant cut diamonds. Priced at $9,600 we can definitely sense that this piece of bling will turn some heads at your next soirée.

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