Cartier’s new Trinity collection unveiled for Christmas

Cartier has been pleasing women over the years. So it was but obvious that Cartier would have something special planned for the ladies this holiday season. And yes, what a plan indeed. Cartier has revamped its famed Trinity collection by offering new models that flaunt a new design twist. The new models are made of three bands of gold, symbolizing love, friendship, and fidelity, feature pearls, diamonds, and precious colored stones as embellishments for the golden bands. The new models of the Trinity rings will surely be the flavor of the season, with women everywhere wishing to flaunt them. So men, if you have a big budget, then go ahead and indulge your beloved with a Trinity ring from Cartier and watch her swoon. Browse the new models to find a piece that befits your beloved.

Cartier Trinity pearls pendant earrings look elegant in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, freshwater pearls and diamonds.

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Cartier Trinity ring in pink gold, pink sapphire & diamond-paved makes you fall in love all over again.

Cartier Trinity ring in yellow gold, brown, yellow & white diamond-paved is a class apart.

The Cartier-Trinity Trinity Crash ring steals your attention with its three gold bands – pink, white, and paved with diamonds and yellow gold.

Cartier Trinity ring in aquamarine, white gold, diamond-paved is about class, style, and sophistication.

Cartier Trinity pearls ring in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, gold pearl, diamonds is the perfect union of the priceless metal with the precious stones.

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Cartier Trinity scarf necklace is a stylish offering featuring three gold chains – pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, diamonds.

Cartier Trinity Crash necklace with three gold bands (pink, white, and yellow gold) will make a bold statement. The white-gold bands are paved with diamonds.

Cartier Trinity pearls ring is simple yet elegant and is made of yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, freshwater pearls, diamonds.

Cartier Trinity bracelet will surely set you apart. It is made of platinum, white gold, diamonds, black ceramic.

Cartier Trinity XL ring made of platinum, white gold, diamonds, black ceramic is for the style diva.

Cartier Two for Trinity ring- six gold bands, is a breathtaking creation made of pink, white and yellow gold paved with diamonds.


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