Exaggerated volumes, diamond-encrusted spikes, and a reversible play with onyx and amethyst makes the Clash De Cartier capsule collection refreshingly fearless

Carrier has been around for longer than most of us Earthlings. Those who have followed the journey of this jewelry house know their typical elements and the aspects that make them exclusively Cartier! No brand sustains a century by not playing the reinvention game, which makes the French jewelry manufacturers unbeatable in their field. A clash with the obvious is all we need, and a clash is what Cartier offers in the form of the new Clash De Cartier capsule collection dubbed Clash [un]limited. With this, they break the stereotypes of forms, the limitations of metal, stone, and design are stretched beyond usual, leaving us with jewelry pieces that flaunt exaggerated volumes, intense black oversized studs, and bold wearing options.

The already stunning and captivating Clash de Cartier stands reinvented with precious jewelry in clashing monochromes and excessive, spiky and voluminous replacing the florals, natural motifs that look incredibly run-of-the-mill. We have clear favorites in the collection, like the provocative oversized stud, where the onyx romances the diamond cone. A similar aesthetic is spotted in the studs that form a purple crest of intense, punk color in a ring that’s impactful and daring. Other fun pieces included in the collection are pocket gems, two-finger rings, stacked rings, statement-making ear jewelry accompanied by clips to be worn inside or along with the ear.

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Clash [un]limited also introduces reversible bracelets and necklaces for the love of multipurpose and playful jewelry. The pieces are designed to offer multiple uses, like the articulated ring dotted with pyramidal diamond and onyx studs that can be opened and worn as a midi ring. Clash De Cartier Clash [un]limited also comes with a “mitten” watch made of a rose gold mesh set with a constellation of diamonds surrounding a Baignoire Allongée watch. To keep the intrepid effect of the collection intact, even the white-gold reversible watch hemmed with studs.

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The jewelry collection goes beyond typical offering and has made some stunning and refreshing additions to the assortment. There is a reversible handkerchief holder crafted in white gold, onyx, diamonds; pocket jewels made out of white gold, with the repeating combination of onyx and diamonds and rhodium-finish and matching cufflinks too. The collection will soon hit the stores with a stunning Lily Collins slaying as the ambassador of the clash [un]limited collection.

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