Givori unveils the $30,000 Calypso Diamond iPhone 6S sporting 1,091 diamonds

To many, the iPhone 6S isn’t really expensive enough, which is probably why luxury smart phone accessorisor Givori recently unveiled the Calypso range, a limited edition series of blinged-out iPhone 6S phones. One of these is the extraordinary Calypso Diamond, which is in essence an iPhone 6S draped in diamonds! The phone has 1,091 diamonds in all, making it as unique and luxurious as possible. The phone has diamonds totalling to 10 carats. To add to it all, the stones are set in a pure white gold frame with black platinum on the front of the device, making this iPhone 6S a device that’s fit for a monarch.

This is one of those smart phones you’ll never want to leave on a restaurant table while you visit the facilities. It’s as opulent as a centuries-old crown and has been designed with delicate precision. With a smart phone as outrageously luxurious as this, you’re bound to be taking more mirror-selfies than the rest of your kin. The phone costs a whopping 109,999AED in Dubai, which amounts to approximately $30,000. When you come to think of it, the Calypso Diamond is essentially a big chunk of jewelry that you can call people from and occasionally take pictures from, and of!

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[ Via : Technmauri ]

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