Harry Winston buys the world’s largest flawless diamond for $26.7 million

We had already reported about the scheduled auction of the Perfect Diamond and are glad to follow up about it’s record breaking sale. World’s largest flawless diamond was up for auction at Christie’s and Harry Winston has paid $26.7 million to set a world auction record for a colorless diamond. Selling for $254,400 per carat, the 101.73 carats flawless diamond is “D” color and sports flawless clarity, with excellent polish and excellent symmetry. Since Harry Winston is the first buyer of this pear-shaped diamond, they got the honor of christening it as The Winston Legacy.

“The acquisition of ‘Winston’s Legacy’ underscores the brand’s continued commitment to perfection and quality at the highest level. A stone of this caliber and rarity is the perfect continuation of Mr. Winston’s legacy as the King of Diamonds,” Nayla Hayek, the new CEO of Harry Winston said in a statement released by the Swatch Group.

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Rahul Kadakia, head of Jewelry, Christie’s Switzerland and Americas, added: “Harry Winston acquired the most perfect diamond ever offered for sale at auction, ‘Winston Legacy,’ continuing the tradition of buying and selling only the very best, a trait of the founder Mr. Winston himself.”

The sale of this diamond set the record of the highest price ever paid for a flawless colorless diamond at auction!

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