Made of gold and studded with 3600 diamonds a Chinese businessman has bought the worlds most expensive Coronavirus mask at $1.5 million

Most expensive mask in the world

We know for a fact the coronavirus will take its own sweet time to leave the planet; the pessimists believe it never will and we will all learn to live with it. This is why a permanent mask makes more sense to some people and the rich wouldn’t settle for anything less than precious. An undisclosed Chinese businessman living in the United States has entrusted Israeli jewelry company to create a masterpiece-of-a-mask which can easily qualify to be the world’s most expensive coronavirus mask. It is made of gold, dazzles with a diamond-encrusted face covering, and shocks the world with a hefty price tag of $1.5 million. Unlike the eye-ball grabbing gold mask that belonged to the Indian Shankar Kurade and yielded no purpose of defending from Coronavirus this 18-karat white gold mask may be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds but it’s absolutely helpful as it is fitted with top-rated N99 filters at the request of the buyer. Isaac Levy, the owner of the Yvel jewelry company, had two more requests to make other than the fact that this mask actually works and serves its purpose. One, that it be completed by the end of the year, and two, that it would be the priciest in the world.

Now that the world is getting used to living with masks it has become imperative to the richest, most flamboyant people to have medical masks with oodles of pizzazz and this one certainly stood its glittering ground! The blinged-up face mask consumed as much as 270 grams of gold and is certainly not a practical accessory to wear but when has fashion ever made sense right? Levy showed off several pieces of the mask, covered in diamonds adding, “Money maybe doesn’t buy everything, but if it can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask and the guy wants to wear it and walk around and get the attention, he should be happy with that,”

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[Via – AFP]

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